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2D Drawing and Documentation
    Object-Aware Data Tags
    Automatic Document Coordination and Advanced Documentation Tools
    Data Visualisation in Viewports and Design Layers
    Preformatted, Standard Reports and Schedules
    Images in Reports and Schedules
    Text and Annotation Features
    Two-way Reports and Schedules
    Best-in-Class 2D Shape Creation and Editing Tools
    Automated Graphic Legends and Drawing Keys  
    Advanced Space Planning Tools
    Building Storeys and Level Constraints
    Data Manager and Data Mapping
    Energy Analysis
    Core HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Tools
    Detailing Objects and Tools
    Manufacturer-Specific Object Libraries
    Parametric building model objects
    Basic Space Planning Tools
    MVR/GDTF Import and Export
    External Database Connections and Management via ODBC
    IFC, PDF, and DWG Referencing
    Web View Virtual Reality Export
    Revit¬Æ RVT and RFA Import and Export
    Sketchup¬Æ SKP Import and Collada Export
    BCF Manager
    SHP Import
    PDF Import and Export
    IFC2X3 and IFC4 Export and Import
    3D PDF Export
    Excel Export and Import
    3DM, STL, and OBJ Export and Import
    DWG, DXF, and DWF Export and Import
    Publish Command for Batch Printing and Export of PDF, XLS, DWG/DXF, or DWF Files
Entertainment Lighting, Event, and Exhibit Design
    Fully Featured Outdoor Event Design/analysis Tool Suite, Including a/v, Stage, Table and Seating Layouts    
    Rigging Design Tools for Trussing, Hoists, and Cables    
    Manufacturer-specific Object Libraries    
    Event Design Tools    
    Audio and Video Layout Tools    
    Comprehensive Lighting Planing Tools    
    Large Library of Lighting, Staging, Rigging, and Other Entertainment Focused Objects    
    General Building Modelling Tools and Commands
    Detailing Objects and Tools    
    Production Electrical Planning Tools    
Interface and Workflows
    Project Sharing
    Marionette Algorithms-Aided Design
    Visualisation Palette
    Navigation Palette
    List Browser Direct Editing
    Vectorworks Scripting Using Python 3
    Multiple View Panes
    Resource Manager
    Object Information Palette
Powerful 3D
    Advanced Lighting Objects and Options
    Parametric 3D Modelling Tools and Commands
    Subdivision Modelling
    High-quality Rendering With Renderworks
    Per-Face Texture Mapping
    Basic Light Source Object and Lighting Options
    Free-form 3D Modelling Tools and Commands
    NURBS Modelling
    Direct-Link to Real-time Rendering Applications
    History-Based Modelling
Site Design and BIM for Landscape
    Layered Landscape Area Object
    Fully Featured Wall and Hardscape Object Functionality
    Advanced Terrain Model Creation, Editing, Analysis, and Site Planning Tools
    Detailing Objects and Tools
    Heliodon Sun and Shade Analysis
    GIS File Management
    Access to GIS Map Imagery
    Roadway Tool
    Parking Layout Tools
    Advanced Hardscape Object
    Manufacturer-Specific Object Libraries
    Automated Irrigation Design Tools
    General Building Modelling Tools and Commands
    Site Location Tools
    Core Site Model Creation and Editing Tools
    Planting Design Tools and Objects    


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